About ECS

ECS Business Services specializes in auditing water, sewer, gas, electric, trash, and telecom bills, and other monthly fixed costs–monthly client service contracts (air conditioning and elevator for example), insurance, credit card and payroll processing–in order to find errors and overcharges made by the companies who service our clients. Once these errors are located, our staff of experienced analysts work to obtain refund checks for ourclients made by the companies who service our clients. We also provide clients with cost-saving options–cost recovery and vendor contract management— that reduce their fixed monthly expenditures.  Clients are not charged unless we save them money!

We are committed to help our clients save and succeed by reducing their monthly business operating costs.  Our professional consultants have experience and knowledge of utilities, connectivity (Telecom, Internet and Cell Phone), waste and recycling, insurance, security and other industries that enable us to create substantial cost savings for our clients.  Our consultants work on your behalf as an objective third party providing you the best possible pricing to help reduce your business costs.  While based in Miami, Florida, ECS Business Services provides business utility auditing services for clients nationwide.

Our clients include hotels, hospitals, non-profit organizations and businesses of all sizes. No commercial or industrial account is too large or too small.  ECS Business Services leverages our knowledge of the latest technologies and alternatives to identify areas where cost-efficiency can be improved, excesses eliminated and efficiencies achieved within our clients existing business processes.


During our business utility auditing process, we are often able to recover retroactive refunds for companies that have been charged incorrect rates or tariffs.  With utility cost spiraling out of control, our utility auditing services help clients control costs and possibly recover fees they’ve paid in the past.

ECS Business Services can help you determine how much you’re being overcharged and help you save your business money. It doesn’t matter whether your company is a retail chain, bank, government agency, school, restaurant, supermarket or a Fortune 500 company, our experienced staff and nationwide resources can help.  And since our services are paid for under a contingency-fee arrangement, our clients know they pay nothing unless we save them money.  If you are looking for cost-saving opportunities for your business, contact ECS Business Services.