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Florida Utility Storm-Protection Costs Draw Challenge

Jan 03, 2023 No Comments by

Representing consumers in utility issues, the state’s Office of Public Counsel launched a challenge to the approval of costs that electric utilities would be able to recoup in 2023 from customers for storm-protection projects. The first step was taken in appealing to the Florida Supreme Court on a Dec. 12 order by the state Public Service Commission approving the costs. CLCIK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

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Rising Power Costs Add Jolt To Holiday Season Electric Bills

Dec 06, 2022 No Comments by

It’s normally a time of cheer and family and celebration. But thanks to inflation, there’s a little less cheer depending on how much you jolt up your home for the holidays. And compared to last year, national kWh cost were up 13%, while prices in Florida were up 18%, thanks to increased power costs. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

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FPL To Seek $1.1 Billion In Hurricane Ian Costs

Nov 08, 2022 No Comments

Utilities have traditionally been allowed to recover costs from customers after hurricanes, and a rate agreement approved last year by the Florida Public Service Commission contemplates FPL being able to make such a proposal. Depending on the timing, the restoration costs could add to electric bills that are already expected to increase next year for customers. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

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Your Rooftop Solar System Won’t Power Your Home During A Utility Outage. Here Are Your Options.

Sep 06, 2022 No Comments

While solar systems can generate as much power as most homes consume on bright, sunny days, they cannot be relied upon to consistently produce the amounts needed. Clouds, rainstorms, and changing angles of the sun can all reduce a system’s generating capacity. And when the power goes out, so does the grid-connected rooftop solar system. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

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