How ECS Works

In order to provide a full description of the value we deliver for you I have summarized our functions and responsibilities for your review in the specialized areas of:

  • Nationwide telecom-internet-cell phones-cable optimization services and management;
  • Nationwide credit card processing;
  • Nationwide energy and utility reduction services and management;
  • Nationwide trash collection services;
  • Nationwide finance and insurance consulting
  • Nationwide security services
Summary of Functions & Responsibilities for ECS
  • We deliver four main currencies of value through our engagements including:
Money — we are vigilant in minimizing your costs — maximizing your profits
Time – we spend our time to stay on top of market offerings and options for you while you concentrate on your core functions
Security — we make sure you get the right services from the right vendors at the right prices — now and throughout our entire term with you
Knowledge — we deliver a complete network of service experts to your doorstep which can be accessed at any time by you.
  • We will examine the entire marketplace for optimum solutions on your behalf. We will provide this evaluation from a completely independent and objective standpoint so that there is no vendor influence and we are not limited to any one vendor’s offerings. This is a significant value as many vendors will offer to review your system (in their own cost area) but will ultimately be limited to their own offerings and their own pricing policies. They will also never come back to reduce their own prices in the future because that is contradictory to their own business model, while it is completely unified with our business model.
  • We will use our specialized ‘Optimization Software Tools and Databases’ whereby we maintain and analyze current market information for all vendors of all services and equipment. These tools will be applied on a constant monthly basis to make sure that you are always optimized. These tools and databases allow us to continuously examine your system on a line-by-line, service-by-service, which would be a very expensive and time demanding process without the appropriate tools.
  • We will review and evaluate all vendor submissions in relation to all market opportunities, and not just to the limited opportunities that any one vendor can offer from their own suite of products and services.
  • We will not only provide this market review and watchdog service in your behalf during the initial review, but also each month through the term of our relationship. You will always be informed when prices can be reduced in any area including. We will be vigilant in protecting your interests and in evaluating market opportunities.
  • We will also spend our time ensuring that all recommended solutions are implemented properly and on a timely basis so that you do not have to spend valuable time as ‘vendor watchdog’.
  • We will review contracts, agreements, invoices, customer service & equipment records, and other data from all vendors of all services to examine these documents for billing errors and sources of other credits for you.
  • We will spend our time dealing with all vendor inquires and submissions to ensure that they are in the best interest of your firm, both immediately and long term. All inquires and submissions can be sent directly to us so you don’t have to spend valuable time dealing with vendor sales pitches and other solicitations.
  • We will be available to help your firm staff with all service needs and queries in all areas related to telecommunications as needs arise. We will act as your professional advisor whenever you need us.
  • We will review all existing contracts and agreements and determine best practices and strategies in terms of when to begin re-negotiation processes and when to examine optimum alternate solutions based on market conditions at the appropriate time.
  • We will also examine your specific needs at your firm and evaluate them in relation to new technology solutions that are not currently implemented. We will discuss technology alternatives with you on a regular basis as appropriate, and as desired by you.
  • We will commit to thoroughly research if there are available municipal tax abatements, exemptions or refunds due your business or organization.